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Revolut Ltd is a British financial technology company headquartered in London, United Kingdom that offers banking services. It was founded in 2015 by Nikolay Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko.

Tom Vasilis angrily shared his experience, "Revoult has the absolut worst costumer daughter needed some emergency spending money overseas... I jumped through hoops to set it up, I did a test run for 200 it went through they kept 20... tried to send more kept running into issues... after 2 days of doing everything the non existent costumer service instructed me to do...still blocked and need to verify identity...bad customer service!"


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The culture is by far the worst I've ever experienced. Many people don't know how to work together and will do whatever it takes to get ahead. I wouldn't even call the senior management team "managers". To them a work-life balance is laughable and unimportant. The turnover rate is alarmingly high."

Current Employee - Senior Marketing Manager says

"- The CEO Nik has pushed out every great leader & talent this company had. It was super sad to see particularly Richard and Varun leave as then you knew this company is now going into dumps. - We are constantly loosing the best people across levels and what is now remaining is only old timers, most of them have never even worked outside Revolut and have no understanding of how the world and business needs to run. They just do whatever Nik says without questioning the logic."

Current Employee - Web Software Engineer says

"* CEO is a lunatic * fear based culture * chaotic roadmap, ever changing requirements, engineers are blamed for it * public shaming on Slack and at meetings * unclear expectations for promotion * overtime is very much expected, and this is being openly communicated as well by the CEO"

Current Employee - Customer Support Representative says

"Why do you think most of the reviews including the most recent ones are so negative? There is something wrong going on right? The articles published against Revolut are actually true but a company would never accept what happens inside cause it kills its reputation. I have suffered racism at this company. Take a look at the rating that employers give to companies like McKinsey or Hubspot, why can't you imitate that. Why do they love their CEO and their company, because things are well managed and employees are well compensated. People see customer service employees as if they were less important and that is not fair. The environment is toxic and there is no career path for this. This is exhausting, to be honest. There is no balance between the quality of work and life. I once spoke to my team leader who treated me in a really bad way even screaming at me and a couple of weeks later apologized by saying that she was under a lot of pressure. There are some team leaders who are super arrogant and treat other people as if they were nothing. I have experienced this. Sometimes you message them and they do not even reply to you. I have never had constructive feedback or critics but they are always destructive. Someone should encourage you to get better not to bring you down. In general terms the quality of people managing the company is poor, obviously, the main goal of Revolut is making a profit, but that does not mean that they have to destroy someone's life. Your channels of whistleblowing are a joke because no one knows the outcomes, everyone should know what happens in the company."

João Pereira says

"I've made a reservation in July on through revolut link which was claiming a 10% cashback. 6 months have passed I haven't yet received the cashback. I have already tried to contact the support for the last two months, but they always tell me they are working on it without ever solving this issue."

Michael Smyth says

"Terrible customer service I have been using for 5 months prefect as soon a problem with new update locked me out of the account I spend every day for 8 days onto them all just lies from them oh that be fixed no such thing. I wouldn’t trust putting my money into these digital banks can’t beat walking into the man and getting my money I was locked out of my account for 3 weeks I couldn’t get my money out I managed to get in and get it out before I can’t get in yet again. I give up I stick with my own high street bank get what you pay for🙁"

Anne Morley says

"I have been extremely happy with Revolut for over a year, however the customer service I have experienced with them during the past month has been terrible. In the process of buying a house, I decided to use Revolut to move all my savings between bank accounts, but due to the large sums of money, my account was frozen so they could investigate and verify my funds. This process took 4 weeks(!) and I was unable to make any transfers for the purchase of my house for 4 weeks. I went backwards and forwards with different members of customer service answering the same questions and repeatedly providing the same documents as evidence. I searched for customer service contact numbers but all services are automated and was unable to speak with anybody for help. I have now come to the disappointing decision that I cannot trust Revolut with transfers of large sums of money, nor with my salary payments as there is the risk of my account being frozen for 4 weeks with no person able to help."

Remus Cristian says


Sharon Snail Farms says

"Revolut probably started with good intentions but they have since dropped all good intentions and have become scammers. You have closed an account for over a month now but refused to pay out the balance outstanding on the account. How can €1,438.93 mean more to Revolut than their reputation? How long do they want to keep this up?"

K says

"Day 17 and nobody has responded to me in the in app chat about my ATM dispute The chat has been pending since 7th January"

Alan Cięszczyk says


Thomas Tom says

"So here is the story: Last Monday 11th January, right after NIO Day on Saturday the market opened over 64 USD/share so I wanted to sell my NIO shares right after opening through my Revolut’s trading feature. I waited a minute to be sure that I am already at trading hours, and I pressed “sell all” at 15:32 CET. I got a confirmation thu Revolut that the transaction is done, “sold” at 15:33. I took a screenshot due to some earlier freaking out experience, when there was a delay between “sold” and actually “executed” statuses. Guess what? My transaction got into “pending” status and the transaction was executed 10 minutes later on the 10 minutes later valid actual market price of NIO causing me 180USD less in actual sale price. It could have been thousands of dollars if the delay in their platform is more!!! I complained over their inner chat, the only way you can get to them. After a week, full of promises by 12 agents, thousands of characters they admitted the technical issue they had. You’d think it’s over. Now an agent called “Julio” comes back saying that sorry, the price your transaction was completed 10 minutes later was correct no matter when you actually sold your shares. What matters when it was technically executed. So: unless you don’t want to lose tens of thousands of bucks by Revolut’s trading platform: avoid it and never look back!"

Dobrinas Adrian says

"My problem is still not solved, i cannot add money using any of the methods listed to my account, so I cannot say I am happy. The person's i was chatting with tried to help but my issue was not solved. This is quite frustrating as of now I cannot use Revolut card for the payment i used before."

Sean Gately says

"I have sent you this review before so it reflects your company. I find it impossible to use your card and I do have money on it. Eventually I got chatting to someone from Revolut and got advice which I didn’t get a chance to try yet" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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